Open Networking Research Center (ONRC) Affiliates Program

Our mission is to help realize the potential of software-defined networking (SDN) - the new paradigm of networking.


In contrast to most areas of technology, the networking industry has been relatively stagnant over the past twenty years and the basic networking paradigm has remained largely unchanged. As a result, networks are still far too expensive, complex, and difficult to manage. This unfortunate state-of-affairs is about to change because of two revolutionary developments: (1) the emergence of sophisticated, commodity networking hardware from merchant silicon vendors, and (2) the advent of a radically new approach called software-defined networking (SDN). SDN promises to make all networks cheaper, simpler, and easier to manage; the effects of SDN will be felt in the data-center, the enterprise wiring closet, the WAN, cellular networks and in the home. SDN originated from research at Stanford and Berkeley, and has now been endorsed by over forty companies through their membership in the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Read more

    The research opportunity is to make significant advances in the fundamental science of networking and to develop and deploy SDN tools and platforms for research and education. This in turn will enable the larger network industry to build networks that offer increasingly sophisticated functionality yet are cheaper and simpler to manage than current networks. Having invented the SDN paradigm, we are uniquely poised to lead this next stage in SDN research.

    Open Networking Research Center is a virtual center with three components: Open Networking research group at Stanford; Open Networking research group at UC Berkeley; and Open Networking Laboratory (an independent non-profit) for development, deployment, and support of tools and platforms.


Member companies are invited to twice-a-year review meetings. Members will have the opportunity to get first-hand information on the work in progress and directly interface with students and staff. The program also provides a unique venue for companies to interact with each other and together help make SDN successful.


Founding sponsors in Open Networking Research Lab are:

CableLabs Cisco Ericsson Google HP Huawei Juniper NEC NSF NTT docomo Texas Instruments vmware


For more information, please contact:
Flora Freitas

Program Information

ONRC is an industrial affiliates program in the School of Engineering open to all companies that pay $150,000.00 per year and agree to the terms of the agreement.

Your can learn about the affiliate program policies here.